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Faculty of Civil Engineering

Dean Siarhey M. Semenyuk

Assoc. Prof., Ph.D.
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  • "Architecture" (69.01.01), specializations:
    "Architecture of Residential and Public Buildings"
  • "Architectural Design" specializations:
  • "Production of Building Elements and Structures" (70.01.01), specializations:
    "Production of Pre-cast and Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Structures"
  • "Civil Engineering" (70.02.01), specializations:
    "Construction Technologies and Organization of Building Works"
    "Designing of Buildings and Structures"
    "Building and Structures"
    "Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Buildings and Structures"
    "Maintenance of Buildings and Structures"
  • "Examination and Management of Immovable Property" (70.02.02), specializations:
    "Examination and Management of Immovable Property"
  • "Motor Roads" (70.03.01), specializations:
    "Construction of Roads and Airfields"
  • "Agricultural Construction and Planning" (1-74.04.01)

About the Faculty

The History of the Faculty of Civil Engineering began from the date of university foundation on April 1, 1966 (Decree of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR No. 129 of March 25, 1966).

In 1966 the only faculty was founded – full-time study, the dean was Associate Professor A.Ya. Mityanin.

The faculty had the following specialties:

  • "Industrial and civil construction";
  • "Agricultural building";
  • "Town development";
  • "Architecture";
  • "Water and waste water purification".

There were training on the part-time study program in following specialties:

  • "Industrial and Civil construction";
  • "Urban development".

In 1966, 330 full-time students and 110 part-time students for the first year were enrolled. On the teaching staff were 32 lecturers. The teaching process was provided by the following departments:

  • Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing – Department Chairman A.A. Panchenko
  • Chemistry – Department Chairman S.P.Nikitin
  • History of the Communist Party of the USSR – Department Chairman A.V. Bliznyakova
  • Architecture and Drawing – Department Chairman A.Ya. Mityanin
  • Foreign Languages – Department Chairman N.D. Sobolev
  • Physical Education – Department Chairman I.N. Afanasiev

The full-time Faculty was abolished since September 14, 1967 and two more established faculties: the Civil Engineering (Dean E.M. Derechuk) and the Architectural (Dean A.Y. Mityanin).

The Faculty of Agricultural Construction was organized in 1969 on the basis of Faculty of Civil Engineering, (Dean PA Andreykov), and in 1971 – the Faculty of Hydro amelioration.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering was renamed into the Faculty of Industrial and Civil construction in 1984.

In connection with the liquidation of the specialty "Agricultural Construction" the Faculty of "Agricultural Construction" was merged to the Faculty "Industrial and Civil Construction" in 1988, which received the previous name "The Faculty of Civil Engineering".

In 1991 preparation for the specialty "Construction of buildings and structures production" was opened.

In 1995 preparation for the specialty "Architecture" was started.

In 1996 preparation for the specialty "Construction of roads and airfields" was opened.

In 2003 the new specialty "Examination and Management of Immovable Property" was opened.

In 2011 preparation for the specialty "Agricultural Construction and Planning" was opened.

There is the training of specialists at the faculty on full-time bases with the period of study in the specialty "Architecture" – 6 years, in the specialty "Agricultural Construction and Planning" – 4,5 years, in other specialties – 5 years.

The structure of the faculty includes 7 departments, 6 of them are major, 1 – general education.