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Faculty of Economics

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The Faculty of Economics was founded on February 1, 1995.

The Faculty of Economics established effective partnership relations with many leading higher education institutions both in Belarus and abroad. The administration of the Faculty maintains business contacts with the management of large Belarusian companies and organizations, where students of the Faculty have their practical training.

About 100 faculty members and employees forming these six departments. The Faculty uses wide up-to-date national and foreign experience in training qualified economists for all spheres of the national economy.

At present, the Faculty of Economics is represented by more than 700 full-time students, 300 correspondence students, over 300 postgraduate students.

A great number of graduates of the Faculty of Economics are employed by companies and organizations both in Belarus and abroad. Graduates of the Faculty develop strategic profiles not only for companies and organizations, but for entire industries. They demonstrate deep professional knowledge, set example of hard work and good conduct, are involved in instructing specialists in economics.

The Faculty of Economics favorable conditions for different kinds of extra-curriculum activities: sports, amateur artistic groups, various clubs and societies which is conducive to high-quality training of specialists.

The faculty consists of six departments:

Students at the first stage of higher education at Faculty of Economics are trained in following specialties

  1. Full-time education:
  • «Marketing» (1-26 02 03) – graduates qualify as «Marketer-economist»
    Graduates will be able to apply their knowledge to work in the services of marketing, sales, advertising, trade;
  • «Logistics» (1-26 02 05) – graduates qualify as «Logistician-economist»
    Graduates will be prepared for work related to the management of goods movement, building supply chains in logistics companies, departments of logistics, marketing, procurement and sales departments of enterprises;
  • «Accounting, analysis and audit» (1-25 01 08), specializations: «Accounting, analysis and audit in industry» (1-25 01 08-03 03) – graduates qualify as «Economist»
    Graduates will be able to work in enterprises as an accountant, economist, as well as in audit services and tax authorities;
  • «Finance and Credit» (1-25 01 04), specializations: «Finance» (1-25 01 04 01) – graduates qualify as «Economist»
    Graduates are prepared for work in financial and economic planning services, departments for planning and organizing financial and credit activities;
  • «Economics and Enterprise Management» (1-25 01 07), specializations: «Economics and Management of Building Enterprises» (1-25 01 07 13) – graduates qualify as «Economist-manager»
    Graduates are prepared to work in the positions of economists, managers at enterprises of various industries;
  • «E- Marketing» (1-28 01 02) – graduates qualify as «Marketer-programmer»
    Graduates are prepared to carry out advertising activities, organize wholesale and retail trade on the Internet, create and maintain websites, online stores, online catalogs of enterprise;
  • «E-business economics» (1-28 01 01) – graduates qualify as «Economist-programmer»
    Graduates will be able to apply the knowledge gained in the management of e-business units of enterprises, improving the IT infrastructure of enterprises, conducting economic calculations and business planning of electronic information systems.
  1. Extramural studies:
  • «Accounting, analysis and audit» (1-25 01 08)
  • « Economics and Enterprise Management» (1-25 01 07)

The first stage of higher education prepares professionals with higher education diplomas who have fundamental and specialized knowledge and skills. The length of training in full-time courses at this stage is 4 years; part-time courses’ duration is 1 year longer.

The second stage higher education courses (master’s courses) of Faculty of Economics provide advanced training, comprehensive knowledge and special skills for scientific, pedagogical and research work. Upon successful completion, students are awarded a Master’s degree:

  • «Еconomy» (1 - 25 81 02);
  • «Accounting, analysis and audit» (1- 25 80 05);
  • «Logistics» (1-26 02 05).

The duration of the master’s degree course is 1 years. Training takes place mainly in Russian, but several programmes are taught in English.

The academic year lasts from September 1 to June 30.

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