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International Tour around Castles

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This autumn semester in framework of TEMPO project BrSTU hosts lecturers from Spain (Alicante University) and master's degree students from Portugal (Lisbon technical University).

At the end of October in our University was organized a tour to Mir and Niasvizh castles. A cheerfull company of portuguese, korean and belarusian students as well as spanish and belarusian professors and some International Office staff received an opportunity to contemplate antique belarussian arquitecture and enjoy national food.

Here is a short essay from portuguese students about that journey.

It was in the last 23rd October that the journey to Mir Castle and Nervizh Palace took place.

After a four hour journey, we arrived to our first destination, Mir Castle. This impressive complex dates back to the end of the 15th century. Originally built in Gothic, it was subsequently extended and reconstructed in different styles. Suffering several damages over times and wars, it was finally restored and opened to the public looking like we could see it in this trip.

As we passed through the front gates, we felt plunged into the historical atmosphere that surrounded us. As the tour guide led us inside we had the chance of learning more about the evolution of the castle along with the lifestyle of its lords and peasants.

Leaving Mir Castle, we headed to our next stop: Nesvizh Palace.

Before beginning the visit we had a break to try some tasty traditional food - draniki and beer while mingling with our Belarusian fellows which was delightful.

Nesvizh Palaceis one of the oldest settlements and most famous places in Belarus. Acquired by the Radziwil family in the middle of the 16th century, they stayed there until 1939 when they were expelled by the invading Red Army. Its richly diverse architecture and attractive gardens make it one of the most popular tourist attractions in this country. And, in fact, for us, visiting Nesvizh Palace was a very pleasant moment. From one room to another we were impressed by the sumptuous interiors and decoration, in addition to the quality of the building restoration. At the end of the visit we went outside to the beautiful surrounding gardens where the mystic ambience impels us to explore further.

After a tiring cold day, we arrived home feeling this had been a remarkable day, full of culture and history, which will never be forgotten.

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