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Omani Student's Belarusian Expereience

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My name is Ibrahim Al-Rashdi, 24 years old. I am a student from Sultanate of Oman. In summer 2014 I have visited the republic of Belarus, Brest State Technical University...

My name is Ibrahim Al-Rashdi, 24 years old. I am a student from Sultanate of Oman (a gulf country).I study in college of engineering (department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) in Sultan Qaboos University. In summer 2014 I have visited the republic of Belarus in order to accept the Belarus IAESTE program which offered by Brest State Technical University and complete the training course which necessary to complete my academic degree in Oman.

Belarus is a really beautiful and civilized country. The wise people said that "what you see by your eyes different then what you hear" this is what made liked this great country. The nature of Belarus with its civilization made the life really beautiful. The important thing in Belarus is that it is a safe country and I think this is what made me comfortable about living there. Also there are many beautiful places in Belarus for tourism which I liked. So I advise anyone who wants to enjoy traveling to visit Belarus.

As it is known to all people in the world that there are many different nations in the world and every nation has their own life style. And Belarus as a European country is different than my country in many forms. Such as, the way of meeting people and dealing with, the transportations, food, religions, etc. This is what I found it different then my county and difficult to accumulate in the first place. The major difference was the language especially in Brest. It was difficult to find something written in English as was it is also difficult to find someone who speaks English. The other differences were easy to accumulate and to live with. However, the people there made me forget about the differences especially the international office people who took care of all the IESTA students. They made me accumulate living in Belarus by guiding me there.

My target before I came to Brest was just to finish my job there and return to my country. That target did not change and I trained by really good and expert people in Ericpol company. And I am satisfied with the experience which I got from working in this company. However, having good experience form working in Ericpol is not the only benefit that I got. It known that student like me does not speak English very well so I found it as a chance to speak English all the time and improve my language inside and outside the company.

I stayed in Brest about 6 weeks. That period gave me the experience I will never forget in all my life. It was different experience because it was my first time to visit the republic. As I declared living in Brest especially for foreign students like me is not a big deal. It is just a good experience to live.