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Academic writing and presentations

Faculty: Faculty of Electronic Information Systems

Department: Computers and Systems

Course leader: Vita Razumeichik


Amount of student effort (hours): 90

Class contact time (hours): 36

Lectures (hours): 12

Seminars/laboratory work (hours): 24

Cost - 330$


The basis of the course Academic Writing and Presentations is the formation of students' academic vocabulary, the study of speech patterns in modern scientific texts, the development of academic writing skills, skills for scientific discussions, preparing and performing scientific presentations.

The course consists of 12 hours of lectures (Interactive lectures) and 24 hours of case study seminars and critical practices.

These 36 hours of class work are distributed between the topics which are grouped into four units. Unit1 reviews different types of writing. Unit2 focuses on the sections of a scientific manuscript. Unit3 reviews the writing process. It is designed for learning the rules that makes the writing process easier, more efficient and more organized, including the features of English publications. It also discusses the peer review process, as well as ethical issues in scientific publishing. Unit4 reviews the presentation and communication with audiences.

The rest 54 hours are intended for independent students' work to find information for their own research paper and write scientific article using the studied rules.

Entry requirements:

At least 30 ECTS of the first degree’s studies in the fields of Philosophy, Physics and Mathematics completed.

Learning Outcomes:

  • students will know the sections of a scientific manuscript;
  • students will know how to avoid plagiarism, determine authorship, submit a paper, write a peer review, and avoid predatory journals;
  • they will be able to write results, methods, introduction, and discussion sections;
  • they will be able to write abstract, review papers, personal essays and others;
  • they will be able to cut clutter from writing;
  • they will be able to present their own researches with sound argumentation and debating skills;
  • they will have the skills to build coherent and logically ordered text;
  • they will have the skills to cite other researchers;
  • they will have the skills to use the criteria for evaluating academic text;
  • they will have the skills to correct difficult syntactic and logical errors;
  • they will have the communication skills.
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