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Audit: standards, methods

Term of education: 36 academic hours

Cost – 330$


Target audience: accountants, auditor, managers, executives, specialists.

Education is carried out in an interactive way and involves the learning of the audit theory and completion of the practical tasks and test. Programme of the instruction is based on the international standards and the best practices such as ITIL, COSO and CobiT.

The structure of the course includes the study of the essence and the content of the international standards of audit: general principles, accountability of audit participants. Student will consider the order of reception of the information on the inspected objects, the order of obtaining audit evidence; interrelation of various subjects during the audit process; formation of the final audit documentation; performance of the special tasks and associated services.

Participants of the course will also be taught about the IT risks that are typical for information systems, control procedures for reducing the IT risks, and measures to eliminate deficiencies in IT-dependent business processes.

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