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Autodesk inventor for mechanical design

Faculty: Mechanical Engineering

Department: Machine science

Course leader: Vladimir M. Golub

Lectures (hours): 32

Cost – 220$



Autodesk Inventor is Autodesk's most powerful solution for mechanical engineers. Do you want to become a 3D design professional? This course will provide you with a basic introduction to working with an innovative 3D solid design system.

During the classes, you will learn how to work with the Autodesk Inventor program, you will be able to customize it to your needs, work with sketches, create various elements. Learn the basics of creating assemblies, the basic concepts of adaptive and parametric modeling, as well as work with drawings and print them.

Entry requirements: fundamentals of drawing; understanding drawings; basic computer training.

Learning outcomes:

After completing the course, you:

will know:

  • principles of work in the Autodesk Inventor;
  • types of relationships between different objects;
  • interface elements of the Autodesk Inventor;

will learn:

  • put into practice Autodesk Inventor features and options;
  • work with sketches;
  • create various elements of engineering design and work with them;
  • assemble the created models;
  • use adaptive and parametric modeling;
  • create documentation based on digital prototypes;
  • create drawings and specifications.

Specialists with this knowledge and skills are currently in high demand.

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