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CNC machines programming

Faculty: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Department: Mechanical Engineering and Vehicle Operation.

Course leader: Yaroslav Kudritsky.

ECTS: 3.

Amount of student effort: 136;

Class contact time (hours): 68;

Lectures (hours): 34;

Seminars / laboratory work (hours): 34;

Cost - 330$


In this course features of technological preparation of production and a basis of programming for realization of technical processes on the equipment with numerical program control are considered. Students study the main types of metal-cutting CNC machines, their technological capabilities and also features of programming for Heidenhain iTNC530/MP620 CNC devices.

Entry requirements:

At least 25 ECTS of the first degree's studies in the fields of Materials Science, Accuracy Rationing and Technical Measurements, Machine Tools, Cutting Tools, Tooling, Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Learning Outcomes:

  • students should know the methods of coding technological information, the composition and structure of frames of control programs, the coordinate systems of CNC machines and their relationships, programming processing on various CNC machines;
  • students should be able to encode technological information in Heidenhain iTNC530/MP620 formats to implement operations on the corresponding equipment;
  • students should be able to develop schemes for the movement of the executive bodies of the machine, taking into account the minimization of machine-auxiliary time;
  • students should be able to perform rationing of operations performed on CNC machines;
  • students should be able to design single technological processes and select devices of digital control systems that correspond to the functionality of technological equipment.
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