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Concrete structures

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Lectures – 50 hrs
Project – 50 hrs
Cost - 660$

No. of ECTS – 6

Entry requirements: Civil Engineering Materials, Concrete Technology, Strength of Materials, Structural (Building) Mechanics, Concrete Structures I

Course objectives: Increased knowledge of the design and construction of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. The skills necessary to analyze, design and construct of engineering reinforced concrete objects. The skills to identify the issues related to the design (calculation and detailing of reinforcement) and construction of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.

Course content: Structural analysis, basic requirements; Slabs: one-way spanning solid and ribbed slabs; two-way spanning slid slabs; waffle slabs; flat slabs; stair slabs.Yield line design; Finite element (FE) design. Columns: short braced axially loaded columns; short columns subjected to axial load and bending; effective height of column (braced and unbraced); slenderness limits for columns. Foundations and Retaining Wall. Framed Buildings and frame analysis. Industrial buildings. Buildings with flat slabs. Precast RC-elements, basis of design and detailing. Prestressed concrete. Basic statements. Post-tensioned and pretensioned structures Prestress losses. Anchorage and transmission zones. Design of section under ULS and SLS Detailing of structural members.

Learning outcomes:
student knows the basic principles of limit states design
selects the materials and its characteristics for RC – and prestressed concrete members desing
knows how to assess actions and action combinations
analyses and designs of the reinforced and prestressed concrete structures
works out of the project documentation for flat slab building

Assessment method: lecture – written exam; project – project completion, presentation and discussion.

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