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Corporate logistics

Term of education: 36 academic hours

Target audience: managers, production executives, specialists, executives of logistics departments of sales, distribution and production companies.

Purpose of the course: to deliver theoretical fundamentals of technologies and methods of logistics; to systemize practical skills of executives and specialists who coordinate logistical functions of a business; to form an integrated approach in management.

Main directions of the course:

  1. The main terms of logistics. Micrologistics system of the enterprise and its optimization.
  2. Production structure of the enterprise. Indicators characterizing the structure of the enterprise.
  3. Production process and the principles of its organization. Calculation and management of the production capacity of the enterprise.
  4. Organization of operational and production work and rhythmic work of the enterprise.
  5. Logistics of supply (purchases). Solving the “make or buy” problem.
  6. Stock management. Methodology for calculating insurance and current reserves. Optimal order size.
  7. Distribution logistics (sales logistics). Formation and management of distribution channels.
  8. Warehouse Logistics. Determining the location of the warehouse in the service area. Warehouse areas.
  9. Enterprise business processes: modeling, management and optimization.
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