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Psychology of human-machine interaction

Faculty: Faculty of Electronic Information Systems

Department: Computers and Systems

Course leaders: Kostiuk D.A., Derechennik S.S.


Amount of student effort (hours): 120

Class contact time (hours): 50

Lectures (hours): 16

Seminars/laboratory work (hours): 24

Cost - 330$


The purpose of this discipline is to develop the practically-oriented knowledge about the psychological aspects of human-machine interaction, methods and technologies of construction, formal description and evaluation of effective user interfaces, the formation of skills in building and prototyping user interfaces with respect to the psychological aspects of the operator's workflow. The course includes interactive lectures, at which students are involved in perceiving the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical use cases on the live examples of human-computer interaction with various software products. For the feedback, discussions are used.

In practical classes, students try to prototype the effective user interface and to carry on the assessment of human-computer interaction with consequent proposals to eliminate the bottlenecks found during the experiments.

Entry requirements:

At least 30 ECTS of the first degree’s studies in the fields of computer science and software development. Basics of the information technologies (3 ECTS), Fundamentals of systems engineering (3 ECTS).

Learning Outcomes:

  • demonstrate knowledge about the principles of perception and assimilation of information;
  • identify and summarize approaches to build the effective user experience;
  • recall criteria and methods for assessing the quality and effectiveness of interfaces;
  • use software for prototyping and evaluation of interfaces;
  • apply the experimental practices for assessing the human-computer interaction;
  • judge the value of improvements of the user interface.
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