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Special mathematics training

Faculty: Faculty of Electronic Information Systems

Department: Computers and Systems

Course leader: Sviatlana Lebedz


Amount of student effort (hours): 220

Class contact time (hours): 92

Lectures (hours): 40

Seminars/laboratory work (hours): 52

Cost - 660$


In the course of studying this discipline, fundamental ideas about dynamic phenomena are formed; the quantities that characterize these phenomena; the laws that they obey. This includes the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for solving problems in the qualitative theory of dynamical systems, as well as problems about branching solutions of these systems when parameters change (bifurcation theory). The content of the course is also aimed at forming students ' modern natural science worldview, developing scientific thinking and expanding their scientific and technical horizons.

Entry requirements:

At least 36 ECTS of the first degree’s studies in the fields of Mathematics", Physics and Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics.

Learning Outcomes:

  • students should be able to use in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge that is at the forefront of science and technology in the field of professional activity;
  • students should be able to analyze the natural science essence of problems that arise in the course of professional activity;
  • students must apply modern research methods, conduct technical tests and scientific experiments, and evaluate the results of their work;
  • students should use modern and promising computer and information technologies;
  • students should be able to use modern achievements of science and technology in the relevant field, special literature and other information data to solve professional problems, domestic and foreign experience, modern computer information technologies, methods of analysis, synthesis and optimization in research works;
  • students must have the skills to discuss professional topics;
  • students must possess terminology in the field of nonlinear dynamics;
  • students must possess ways to describe a dynamic system;
  • students must possess the skills to use computer technology to solve nonlinear dynamics problems.
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