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Brest State Technical University is one of the largest scientific and educational centers in the western part of the Republic of Belarus. Training of highly qualified specialists as well as fundamental scientific research work is carried out in the fields of construction, architecture, electronics, mechanical engineering, economy and ecology.

General Information

The training of students is conducted at 5 Faculties:

Auxiliary functions are fulfilled by:

Brief History

This University began as a Civil Engineering Institute on April 1, 1966. The first intake was 330 full-time students and 110 evening-class students. The teaching staff numbered 32 teachers. In 1969 the number of students reached 2700, namely 1960 full-time students, 480 evening-class students, 260 part-time students. The teaching staff increased till 186 teachers. In 1989 the institute was reorganized into Polytechnic Institute. Since then Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Department and Economical Department were opened, new specialties appeared; the spectrum of research work has expanded. Now it is the largest technical institution of higher learning in the western region of Belarus. Since its foundation more than 18000 specialists have graduated from this Institution, which was incorporated as a State Technical University in 2000.

Development Tendencies

The development of the University is adapted to satisfy the needs of the Belarus Republic and of Brest region in specialists:

  • The conditions are being created for highly-qualified training of economists and managers;
  • The range of new specialties connected with electronics and computers is being expanded;
  • The Scientific Research Institute for the problems of Construction Engineering organized in May 2004 is successfully being developed;
  • The process of reformation of the system of the University is being carried out to offer Master and Bachelor programs.

International Contacts

The University develops close contacts with higher educational establishments in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and China. It has long-term partner contacts with Bialystok University of Technology, Sileisian University of Technology (Poland), Fachhochschule Biberach and Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten (Germany). These partnerships create an essential basis for mutually useful academic activity and scientific researches.

Contact Information

Brest State Technical University
267, Moskovskaya Str.,
Brest, Belarus, 224017

+ 375 162 32-17-32


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